sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

Yu Phoenix's Night

- Night -

a promise being born
for this light which prevails
by the source of oblivion
the unyielding pulse

reflecting in my eyes
this oh so frail reality thrived
carving like agony

bruising our hearts
while living someone elses dream
a familiar indifference
as dawn crawled in so pale
whimsical tides transformed our fate
shattering those blackened mirrors
drowning myself again
in your pure eyes

memento of our starving sky
dissolving with this scenery
the smile that hid my heart
engage into this guilt

til my last breath


Yu - 2012

written by Yu Phoenix
all copyrights belong to Yu Phoenix

                             -Yu, eres mi inspiración, tu música me hace sentir cosas que no llego a entender, gracias por ser tu, simplemente-

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